Windows 10 - "Write Error. Toc file <filepath>\DAOC575.toc is Inconsistent

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    Just recently installed EAC on a new Windows 10 machine. Long time user on previous versions of Windows and have never had a problem I couldn't solve but this has me stumped. I extract from a music CD, create a cue file, then put a blank CD in the drive and try to write the music to the CD using the cue file. After clicking "Make it so" I get the above error ("Write Error. Toc file <filepath>\DAOC575.toc is Inconsistent"). When I click OK, the write stops and nothing is written. If I look in the file path listed in the error, I do not find a file called DAOC575.toc, but instead a file called DAOC575.tmp. The file name is always DAOC with a 3 digit number attached. The number changes each time and the tmp file is empty.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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