need new version to fix freezes and drive stalls on Windows 10 using secure rip

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    secure ripping on Windows 10 is a pain. EAC routinely freezes, and the CD-ROM seems to sit as if it's not even being used/isn't ripping for long periods. burst mode works ok and rips accurately though. also Cueripper and dBPoweramp rip super fast no slow downs or hangs.

    also when EAC hangs, it hangs other copies of EAC open, and possibly other Windows apps.

    EAC seems glitchy. have no idea how it used to work so no idea if previous versions didn't hang. but some people report going back to old versions help. some people report it's windows 10 issue.
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    Exact Audio Copy (latest version) is still working flawless on all my machines but it needs configuration.

    You might want to try other free secure ripping software that is easier to handle:

    1. CUETools (containing CUERipper)
    2. foobar2000

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