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    Obviously, EAC isn't getting ported to Linux or other operating systems since it is written in an uncommon language, and besides the effort of porting the GUI is too big to be realistic.

    Also, the author wants to earn some money from his project, something that opensourcing the EAC code would make very unlikey. Although there are open source licenses that require a license in order for the code to be used commercially, the 'secrets' of EAC, the handling of C2 error code detection and such unique properties, would be available to anybody, ruining the advantage the author has.

    HOWEVER, what if the audio extraction part of EAC was released as a closed-source library (such as a windows .DLL) to be used in linux? No part of the GUI or compression routines or tagging or id3 lookup etc would need to be ported. Those parts are already available in other Linux programs. What is missing is the excellent extractor.

    The extractor part probably doesn't use a 'lot' of the windows APIs, at least compared to the GUI parts, so a port would probably be rather easy. Possibly, no modula-2 compiler is available to Linux that can do the creation of the shared library directly, but even a windows .DLL of just the extractor part would be rather easy to use in Linux. The movie players in linux (such as MPlayer) have a long history of using functions from windows .DLLs.

    I hope this could be a solution to the problem of making EAC available to other platforms. It's an excellent program and not making it available outside of windows (wine doesn't count...) is a waste of a great program.

    Thank you for a great program!
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