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    This problem is perhaps a little unique. I need help determining if I have a "good" rip.

    - ASUS labtop with DVD drive (TssCorp)
    - Another ASUS labtop with DVD drive (TssCorp)
    - Windows 10 (both)
    - Exact Audio Copy 1.1 (both)
    - LG USB BD drive
    - 2 brand new CDs - same exact title, catalog no., upc, etc.
    - 2 results in AR db to match; another AR result is one of mine so there are now 3

    Bought a new CD a few weeks ago. Tried ripping it. It gave me different CRC's compared with AR for track #5, and the image. So I got a refund for the CD, and ordered a new one. Tried ripping it. Same problem.

    Both CDs have "curvy areas" on the CD surface that are "discolored", which could be caused by the plastic and AL not being perfectly sealed. The "curvy areas" seem very similar on both CDs, so maybe the machine used to make these CDs was in need of service.

    So I ripped the 2 CDs in the 3 drives to see if I could get better results, or at least a match. In the ASUS DVD drives, I get 4 copy CRC matches - so two different source CDs in two different drives give the same copy CRC. I also get matching copy CRCs from the LG USB drive, but these CRCs don't match the ASUS DVD drives. In the last, most recent attempt with the LG USB drive, I got a read and copy CRC match, and the copy CRC match was the same for the other CD.

    I am trying to determine if I have a "good" rip, and it's complicated by the lack of other results to match against in AR or ctdb, a potentially damaged CD, and that read and copy CRCs are sometimes different for "good" rips.

    Here are the 6 logs for the 2 CDs in 3 different drives. The numbers on the logs indicate the order in which the rip was performed, recognizing that the first rip ended up in AR, and I discarded the rip and logs for that one.

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