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    I just made a list for most common problems with EAC (for my mail reply), so it seems to be a good idea to post it here for a starting point for your problems. If it is not in here, post your question on the board...

    Most common problems :

    - Yes, EAC should work with Windows XP.

    - At some point in EAC (startup, compression, decompression, layout editor) an ACCESS VIOLATION occur. Usually this happen if you have installed a non-conform audio codec (some LAME or OggVorbis ACM codecs, like installed by Nimo Codec Pack) or a wrong version of an installed DLL Codec (APE DLL).

    - No CDs can be found in any drive (or no (USB/Firewire) CD-ROM drives are listed). In this case, when using Windows 2000 or XP, download from Nero the WNASPI32.DLL ( ) and put it into the directory where EAC is installed (search for EAC.EXE). In
    EAC options / Interface select "ASPI" and restart EAC (perhaps you can also try different interfaces). When using Win 95/98/ME, try to install a different version of Adaptecs ASPI, or try ASAPI from Pinnacle (should also work for Win2000/XP) which can be downloaded at or . It can be possible that you need to have ASAPI already installed for the update... Select "ASAPI" in EAC options / Interface and restart EAC.

    - EAC doesn't start up/does not show the main window, or halts the system. In this case the same is valid as said under the previous answer, install an ASPI.

    - Extracted audio files of EAC are silent (usually EAC reports "Peak level" of 0.0%) or "EAC can't detect matching read command". Go to Drive options / Drive and select the read command MMC 1 manually. If this does not work, try also some different read commands. Problem may also be ASPI related.

    - EAC reports on startup an error message with "Translation - ..." or "Language not found". Most probably you didn't extracted the ZIP using directory creation.

    - If EAC does not finish the write process to CD-R, but always bring up an error message (like "Error - Send CUE Sheet"), most probably does EAC not support your writer. Officially EAC only supports some Teac, some Mitsumi and all Plextors.

    - If problems persist, try deleting the EAC options using Regedit.exe under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AWSoftware

    - In the layout editor the dropped (or opened) WAV files have a wrong order. This is a windows bug. In EAC options you can select an appropriate option to exchange the first and last file.

    - All in all, each option dialog features ToolTips. That means, if you place the mouse over a specific option for some seconds, a small help text for that option will be displayed. E.g. EAC is able to create sub directories on extraction automatically, see Filename option.

    cu, Andre
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