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  1. newguy

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    EAC recognizes my two drives (LTR52327 and 3550A) and will read from them. However, it does not seem to recognize either as writers. If I attempt to burn an image, the write options are greyed out. Additionally, when I go into drive options, the tab for writer isn't even displayed. Any ideas or suggestions?

    many thanks!
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    Try using the latest version of EAC with the CDRDAO package. If they still aren't recognized, perhaps updating your ASPI layer may help. Others might recommend Nero's ASPI layer, but I personally like Adaptec's 4.60 version, which can be found by doing a Google search of ASPI 4.60
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  3. newguy

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    For anyone who comes across the same problem - it was the jmicron IDE driver that Gigabyte is using on their 965 series motherboards. If you remove this and go with the microsoft standard ide driver it works.
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